You are the CEO of your life. Here are four essential questions that will help you shape it, to live a more intentional life.
Comparison - the tension between conformity and competition - and the role of the voice in our head. How we can tame the inner critic.
How to navigate the fine line between passion and obsession for work as an entrepreneur.
Instead of entering encounters with a “What is in it for me?” mindset, why not ask “What can I do for you?”. The impact might surprise you.
The Video of the 2022 PIRATE Summit Burn Speech on Authenticity and moments of connection.
We have a distorted definition of success, because we usually compare outcomes, not the journey that got people there. Understanding how we or others…
Here is the 2022 video that captures the essence of PIRATE Summit very well. The people, experiences, venue and vibe of the event. Enjoy! Also, I share…
The most effective way people change is through “Aha!” moments, or paradigm shifts. Simply said, a change in perception. The paradigm shift holds…
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